Post-Frame Construction

Post-Frame Construction is Cost-Effective

What would happen if you received three bids for your project, with one being 50 - 75% less than all the others? What if you accepted the lower bid, and the project met your expectations and came in under the contracted price?

If so, then you probably were pitched a building constructed with the help of a wood frame system. Wood frame systems are built with saving in mind.

The Saratoga County Animal Shelter in Ballston Spa, New York, experienced this exact scenario. That organization used the residual monies to expand their facility by an additional 432-square-feet thanks to this frame building system.

While this scenario may not happen all the time, organizations that select post-frame construction often realize bottom-line savings.

This animal shelter had a $5 million budget but $10 million bids. Post-Frame was so far under budget ownership was able to expand the project.

The Saratoga Animal Shelter needed building on a small budget. Post-frame construction was so economical, the shelter had money left over to expand the project. Learn more about the Saratoga County Animal Shelter Project »

While this scenario may not happen all the time, organizations that select post-frame construction often realize bottom-line savings.

Here's How Post-Frame Buildings Can Save on Construction Costs

Fewer Materials Needed for Construction

Post-frame construction requires limited wall and roof framing materials, and minimal footing and foundation materials. Wood posts spaced 8 to 12 feet apart with a frame building system means fewer resources than most other construction methods.

Shorter Time of Construction

Start with a wood frame system site preparation. Post-frame construction utilizes posts to build frames. Augering holes for posts require minimal effort. On average, it takes experienced post-frame contractors two or three days to erect a basic frame. That includes posts, girts, trusses, and purlins.

Reduction of Labor Costs

Post-frame construction site preparation often requires fewer trades and less time. Fewer building components lead to less time for installation labor then those built with wood frame systems. This is because many post-frame building components come prefabricated to the project site.

Minimization of Construction Delays

Delays due to cold weather, even in northerly climates, are minimal. With frame building systems, post foundations can be installed on or below freezing temperatures.

To learn more about the cost-effectiveness of post-frame construction for multiple types of buildings or to discuss your next project with a local post-frame builder, use our “Find a Builder” feature and be put in contact with a post-frame builder in your area today!